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Install the function of forklift overspeed alarm

Time:2021-10-06 19:43:27 click:879

In recent years, forklift, as an important means of logistics transportation, has greatly improved the efficiency of logistics transportation. The popularity of forklift is also higher and higher, but with the coming forklift safety accidents are also gradually increasing. Forklift overspeed alarm began to show its value. Remind the driver to slow down through the overspeed alarm and remind the surrounding personnel to pay attention to safety.


What is the function of installing forklift overspeed alarm

The main causes of forklift accidents are generally caused by the lack of safety awareness of drivers, poor safety status of forklift, overload in the use of forklift, lack of safety awareness in forklift workplace, etc.


Working principle of forklift speed limit alarm

The principle of forklift speed limiter is detected by forklift speed detector (sensor), and then the data is input into the host of forklift overspeed alarm for detection. For example, overspeed will control the alarm speaker, alarm light, and even turn on and off the oil circuit to achieve the function of forklift speed limit.

The nine core forklift overspeed alarm adopts today's advanced microcomputer control technology, intuitive digital display, two-level speed detection and multi-level alarm control, and can carry out high fidelity voice alarm. The set detection speed and voice have the function of power failure retention. When the overspeed time exceeds the time specified by the system, the alarm retains the maximum speed of overspeed alarm. Even if the power is unplugged and plugged in, it will give an alarm and display the maximum speed during overspeed until the administrator uses a special remote controller to release the alarm.

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