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Forklift speed limiter is an important part of forklift safety

Time:2021-10-06 19:43:17 click:668

Forklift speed limiter is one of the most important forklift accessories, but it is often ignored by drivers during work. When driving a forklift, many drivers are often careless because there is no forklift speed limiter, which is easy to cause various safety accidents or dangers. Forklift speed limiter plays an important role in logistics transportation.


Forklift speed limiter is also often called forklift overspeed alarm. It is a product to ensure the driving safety of forklift. It mainly monitors whether the operators of forklift and other industrial vehicles have overspeed driving behavior, so that the management personnel of the company can fully grasp and understand the use and driving of forklift and other industrial vehicles, strengthen the safety management status, and standardize and enhance the safety production awareness of drivers.

With the rapid development of social economy and the mechanization of all walks of life, the demand for forklifts in industry is also increasing. The personal safety of forklift drivers has been the primary consideration of enterprises. Forklift speed limiter is one of the important safety parts of forklifts of various brands and specifications. It is a kind of worn consumables. In case of collision or emergency braking when the vehicle is driving at high speed, The huge inertial force will make the driver's body still move at the original speed (depending on the driving speed, this inertia force may be 20 times the driver's weight, which will throw the driver away from his seat or throw him out of the car. If there is a forklift speed governor to properly remind the driver to slow down, prevent the driver and passenger from being pulled out by inertia, prevent accidents and reduce the degree of driving injury. At this time, the forklift speed governor plays the role of restraining, dissolving inertia force and absorbing part of impact energy 。 According to relevant data, most of the forklift collisions are due to the failure to install forklift speed limiter. Therefore, we can see the importance of forklift speed limiter, which is why we should emphasize the need to be equipped with forklift speed limiter before driving!

Nine chip Electronics believes that in the driving process of forklift, due to the large mass and inertia, if there is an accident, there will be more serious consequences. It can be said that the forklift speed governor can not be ignored in the forklift accessories. It is not only an important accessory to ensure the safety of forklift workers, but also an important measure to avoid safety accidents

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