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Established in 2010, Guangzhou Nine Chip Electron Science &Technology Co., Ltd has a registered capital of 10 million, and over 100 engineers and technicians, of whom more than 50% have a master's degree or above. With more than 100 types of patents, It is a state-certified high-tech enterprise.

Guangzhou Nine Chip Electron Science &Technology Co., Ltd researches, develops and sells vehicle speed limiter with Fleet Management System, Forklift Anti-collision System and provides the solution on the safety of people, vehicles and the other objects. OEM and ODM for various electronic products are acceptable, too. With its unique marketing model, great technical support, and good reputation and service,the company is now in the forefront of vehicle and industrial safety technology development.

We have great advantages in providing the customer with the appropriate solution.And with the continuous innovation spirit of “Nine Chip“ People, we will continue to provide a better services to the customers.

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