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How to install forklift speed limiter correctly

Time:2021-10-06 19:44:04 click:703

The emergence of forklift has brought new changes to transportation and greatly improved the efficiency of logistics transportation. In order to ensure the safety of forklift and reduce the occurrence of forklift accidents, forklift related products have also been developed. The forklift speed limiter is a product to ensure the safety of forklift.


So how to correctly install the forklift speed governor, and what are the installation methods? 

1. Installation of host and horn

The host can be installed in front of the forklift cab, which is more convenient for the driver to observe. The horn can be installed outside or inside the cab as required. It should be noted that the installation should be firm and the wiring should be concealed as far as possible.

2. Wiring

The connection shall be conducted according to the label of the wire. The red line of the power supply is the positive and the white line is the negative. Pay attention to the wiring color sequence of the signal line and the speed sensor. The wiring shall also be firm and bound firmly with electric tape.

3. Install speed sensor

It can be installed on the flywheel, front axle, hub and transmission shaft, and then check the rotation state of the forklift. If installed on the front axle, it can be placed in the middle of the front axle housing. If installed correctly, the small light at the rear of the sensor will flash as the wheel rotates.

4. If the sensor is installed on the front wheel or rear wheel, first make a bracket and fix the sensor on the body, so that it will rotate with the wheel hub. It is an inductive magnetic object or metal. If a strong magnetic sheet is used, the magnet should be fixed on the tire.

The above steps are the steps to install the forklift speed governor. At the same time, pay attention to installing the controller in a safe position to prevent collision. In addition to installing necessary safety auxiliary devices for the forklift, it is also necessary to improve the forklift driver's awareness of safe driving. The combination of the two can better prevent forklift safety accidents and ensure the safety of forklift and surrounding personnel.

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