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What accessories does a standard forklift speed limiter contain

Time:2021-10-06 19:43:55 click:574

1. Mainframe

Mainframe is the core of the whole product. Here we mainly point out two important details, namely, the display screen and the interface.

2. Main control line

The main control line adopts special aircraft carrier head, which has the advantages of good contact and dust prevention. At the same time, the plastic bellows has good waterproof and toughness, while the corrosion resistance and flame retardancy improve the service life of the main control line.

3. Alarm horn

Equipped with voice alarm horn with decibel up to 120dB. When the driver is speeding, the system will send a voice alarm through the horn to remind the driver to pay attention to the driving speed. The alarm horn is mainly used as "warning" and "command transmission".

4. Sensor (wired or wireless)

The sensor can be installed on the front wheel hub or front axle (waveform box) of the forklift. During installation, screw the sensor to the bottom and back twice. This is a key operation, otherwise the speed limit accuracy of the installed forklift speed governor will be affected.

5. Remote control button

In order to prevent anyone other than the manager from tampering with the parameters without authorization, there are no operation buttons on the host. The parameter setting is operated through the 6-button remote controller of the product set. The administrator can use the remote control to solve various parameter setting problems, or change parameter adjustment.

6. Throttle controller (cable throttle or electronic throttle)

The standard configuration of forklift speed limiter only selects the throttle controller. If it is an internal combustion engine, the electric forklift selects the pull wire throttle controller, and the electric forklift selects the electronic throttle controller

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