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Main functional features of speed limit alarm for nine core forklift

Time:2021-10-06 19:44:12 click:558

At present, the safe driving of forklift is an important aspect of 6S safety management of the enterprise. Our company has accumulated a lot of experience in the production and installation of forklift speed governor. The installation will not affect the normal driving of forklift and the normal production of the enterprise. The forklift speed governor adopts imported microcomputer chip, real-time clock display and reliable memory record, Truly and effectively control the speeding behavior of enterprise forklift drivers, and solve the potential danger caused by forklift driving too fast.


Product features of nine core forklift speed governor

★ remote control setting function, remote control setting can be carried out within 10m;

★ it has a wide range of applications and can be used on 12V ~ 72V forklift, diesel forklift and battery forklift;

★ light volume, simple installation, full floating shockproof design, good seismic performance;

★ the power line has anti short circuit design and built-in overcurrent protection circuit, with strong stability;

★ do not make any changes to the original parts of the forklift, which is safe and reliable, and do not change the original control system of the forklift;

★ maintenance free, mechanical contact free, fully electronic design features, one-time installation, worry free for life;

★ the use is separated from the management, and the forklift user cannot change the forklift speed alarm parameter setting;

★ few remote control buttons, simple operation and complete functions;

★ level 4 volume is adjustable, and the volume can be set for different occasions;

★ external horn alarm, with loud sound and good sound quality, and the alarm sound can reach 120dB;

★ two alarm prompts: super bright alarm light and voice alarm;

★ the external over light alarm lamp gives light prompt for forklift overspeed;

★ NV series voice chip is used as the core of alarm circuit, and the alarm voice can be replaced at will;

★ two level speed setting. If the speed exceeds different levels, there are different voice prompts and alarms;

★ the alarm locking time is adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds. If the forklift speed continues to exceed the preset speed, the alarm will be automatically locked;

★ the waterproof grade is grade 8, which can be soaked in water for work;

★the speed can be forcibly limited. After the microcomputer chip detects the overspeed of the car, it can forcibly cut off the oil and effectively control the speed;

★ working voltage range: DC12V ~ 72V;

★ low power consumption, only 5W;

★ with overspeed recording function, it can remember 9999 overspeed records at most, and unauthorized personnel cannot change the records.

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