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What is the function of forklift speed governor

Time:2021-10-06 19:43:37 click:616

Nine core forklift speed limiter is a forklift safety accessory, which is mainly used in forklift safety in the factory area. Also known as: forklift overspeed alarm. The main advantages of forklift overspeed alarm are "overspeed alarm" and "alarm locking", which can effectively warn forklift drivers of overspeed behavior and remind surrounding people, vehicles and objects, so as to build a worry free driving environment for the plant.


What is the forklift speed limiter for? What's the function?

Forklift overspeed alarm function:

1. Remote control setting function: remote control setting can be carried out.

2. Two level overspeed alarm: the first level overspeed alarm light flashes and the second level overspeed voice alarm.

3. There are two kinds of locking alarms: straight travel locking alarm and reverse locking alarm.

4. Various alarm prompts: super bright alarm light, external horn alarm, power on voice prompt, reversing voice prompt and overspeed prompt.

5. Optional functions: large display screen and flameout after overspeed.

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